Jackson Falls

March 23, 2009

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Roaring Run Recreational Area, near Apollo

Height: 5, 20, 10

Crest: 10

Water Source: Rattling (Jackson) Run

Waypoint: 40.56536N 79.52683W

Summary: Jackson Falls is a series of three scenic falls. Only one of the falls is over 20', but the area is well worth a visit. The falls are off trail, which makes it even more interesting.

Jackson Falls is a series of three scenic falls located near Apollo Pennsylvania on Rattling Run. The falls is not listed in the USGS data. I learned about them from this site. I do not know if 'Jackson Falls' is an official name, but it works for me. The middle falls is the most scenic of the three, being about 20' high and having a nice gorge below it. The upper falls, which I did not visit is only 5' high. The lower falls is about 10' high, with large boulders in front of the falls.

The falls are located near, but not on, the Rock Furnace Trail, in the Roaring Run Recreational Area. The main trail is paved and passes very close to the lower falls, but the falls is not visible from the main trail. Just before the main trail crosses a small bridge, a side trail on the right will take you to the lower falls. From the lower falls, a rough trail continues upstream. At times it is just a creek walk. This ends at the base of the middle falls. There is a small upper falls beyond that. To reach it, you will have to backtrack to a point where the gorge walls are no longer an obstacle, and continue upstream on higher ground.

To reach the Rock Furnace Trail trailhead from downtown Apollo, head east on 1st Street (Route 56). Take a right (south) onto Pennsylvania Avenue. This road turns to the left and becomes Old State Road. After about a mile, turn left onto Jackson Road (Route 2050) (I guess that is more evidence that the stream actually was called Jackson Run). At the end of Jackson Road take a right onto Brownstone Road. Follow this for about a 1/2 mile. The parking area for the trail head will be on the right (a very hard right).

The falls can also be visited in the opposite direction, but I do not know the details. It looks like you can probably access Rattling Run from Shellhammer Road. I imagine these falls get very thin in summer.

Nearby Falls

There are some other small falls in the Roaring Run area. For larger falls, you have to drive a bit. The 40+' Buttermilk Falls are 50 miles to the east. Another Buttermilk Falls is about 70 miles to the west. Ohiopyle State Park is about 60 miles to the south.

Photo Gallery

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Middle Falls

Middle Falls

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