Middle Gooseberry Falls

May 2017

State: Minnesota

Location: Gooseberry Falls State Park


Crest: ?

Water Source: Gooseberry River

Waypoint: 47.14306N 91.4675W

Summary: One of pair of pretty and easy to visit waterfalls, right off of Highway 61. The upper falls is also just a short walk away.

Gooseberry Falls can be found in Minnesota's Gooseberry Falls State Park. There you will find the lower, middle and upper falls. The middle and lower falls are right on top of each other just below Highway 61. The upper falls is just above the highway. You could easily visit all three in under an hour, but take off your shoes and stay a while. Fifth Falls is also in the park.

This is a very popular park. The falls are just a short walk away from the parking area, and you can climb all over them, which seems to be popular with the kids in the summer. Getting a picture of the falls without people in them is quite the challenge.

In high water the middle falls consists of two wide segments. When the river is lower the water all goes to over the left half of the falls.

These waterfalls are among the many lovely and easily visited falls around Lake Superior.

Nearby Falls

The Lower, Upper and Fifth Falls are all in the same park. Heading north on Highway 61 you will find the High Falls of the Baptism River, the Illgen Falls, the Caribou Falls, Cross River Falls, the Upper Falls of the Brule River, and finally High Falls of the Pigeon River, plus many others along Minnesota's north shore.

Photo Gallery

Middle and Lower Falls

August 2003

August 2003

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