France Park Falls

March 2005

State: Indiana

Location: Cass County

Height: 15

Crest: 5

Water Source:

Waypoint: 40.758N 86.462W

Summary: This small waterfall can be found in France Park about 4 miles west of Logansport Indiana. Not significant enough for a long journey but stop by if you are in the area.

France Park Falls is in France Park, a county park a few miles outside of Logansport Indiana along US 24. The park is located at an old quarry. It is not clear if the falls are entirely natural. The creek tumbles over a wall of exposed bedrock. I do not know if this was part of a quarry or not. The area around the falls has been landscaped.

The park features several miles of hiking trails, camping, and a beach area. They struck a natural spring when digging one of the quarries resulting in a lake. It is apparently a popular spot for scuba diving.

Nearby Falls

This is an isolated waterfall. The small Kokiwanee Falls is about an hour to the east along US 24. Williamsport Falls is about 2 hours to the southwest.

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