Fenelon Falls

May 2011

Province: Ontario

Location: Fenelon Falls

Height: 5m

Crest: 30m

Water Source: Fenelon River

Waypoint: 44.5351N 78.73735W

Summary: A wide, easy to visit plunge waterfall on the Fenelon River.

Fenelon Falls is a wide falls located in the town of Fenelon Falls. The falls is located on the Fenelon River, which connects Cameron Lake to Sturgeon Lake. The river is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway. Fenelon Falls is about 2 hours north of Toronto, and is easy to reach.

This is a wide, plunge falls, located in the middle of town. There is a bridge and dam above the falls, and water is diverted for power generation. The river is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway and Lock 34 is next to the falls. The area between the lock and the falls is open to the public and offers excellent views of the falls.

I reached Fenelon Falls in the evening and water was pouring over the full 30m width of the falls. I was surprised when I returned early the next morning to see half of the falls dry. They divert more water late at night for power generation. So if you get there too early, you my be disappointed, They "turn" the flow up again at 9am, at least on weekends.

Nearby Falls

The larger Healey Falls is 2 hours away. The far wilder High Falls of Eel Creek is an hour and 15 minute drive away, plus an hour long hike. Along the way you will pass the smaller Burleigh Falls. Bracebridge is 2 hours away, where you will find Muskoka Falls, Bracebridge Falls and others. Several smaller falls can also be found in the area.

Photo Gallery

Just before sunset
Before 9am After 9am the flow picks up
Evening, shorter exposure

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