Fallsville Falls

March 2010

Province: Ohio

Location: Clinton County

Height: 15

Crest: 25

Water Source: Clear Creek

Waypoint: 39.28618N 83.6351W

Summary: A 15' high falls located in a wildlife area. Reached by a 1/2 mile walk

Fallsville Falls is located in the Fallsville Falls Wildlife Area. The falls is named for a town that no longer exists. The area is now mostly farm land. The waterfall is hidden away in a small wooded gorge.

The trailhead to the falls is located on Careytown Road about 2 miles south of Careytown, which is north of Hillsboro and south east of New Vienna. The trailhead is a gated road, with space for a couple of cars to park. There is no sign. The trail follows the road for about 1/4 mile. It then heads into the woods to the falls. The trail is mostly level, except for the final descent into the gorge.

The falls is close to the source of the creek. I imagine this falls gets pretty thin in dry weather. It was flowing nicely in March.

Nearby Falls

This waterfall is rather isolated. Clifton Gorge is 40 miles to the northeast. Charleston Falls is another 30 miles beyond that. The many waterfall of Hocking Hills are 90 miles to the east.

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