Falls River Falls

May 2006

State: Michigan

Location: Baraga County, downtown L'Anse

Height: Several drops, each 10 feet or less

Crest: 50

Water Source: Falls River

Waypoint: 46.7561333N 88.4570167W

Summary: This final set of drops on the aptly named Falls River are located right in L'Anse Michigan. This is not a particularly impressive set of falls, but they are easy to visit and near other more interesting waterfalls.

The Falls River was well named. There are no large waterfalls along the river, but there are a lot of small ones. By some counts there are a dozen falls, although some are quite small. The largest is Power House Falls which is a couple miles south of L'Anse. The final three drops are located in the city itself.

The Baraga County Waterfall Guide lists the three drops as the Lower Falls, the Middle Falls, and an Unnamed Falls. I am not sure what happened to the Upper Falls in that naming scheme. Others just lump them all together as the Lower Falls River Falls.

The falls are very easy to reach. From downtown, head west on Main Street. The road basically ends at the bridge over the Falls River. Do not cross the bridge. There is a large parking lot on the left. There is a signed trail leading upstream that takes you first to the lower falls, and then to the middle falls. The upper unnamed falls, a five foot drop, is just south of where US-41 crosses the Falls River.

There are many other drops of various sizes between Power House Falls and the upper unnamed falls. You can hike along the river to see them, although you will encounter private property along the way. There used to be some nice pictures of these falls online, but I can no longer find them.

[Lake Superior] [Marquette & Baraga County] Nearby Falls

Powerhouse Falls is a couple of miles upstream. Canyon Falls is about 10 miles to the south along US 41. The wild Gomanche Falls is about 5 miles to the east, and wild Upper Silver Falls is about 10 miles to the south east. A 20 mile drive along Skanee Road to the northeast will take you past Lower Silver Falls and Slate River Falls.

Photo Gallery

Middle Falls

Middle Falls

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Unnamed 'Upper' Falls

Unnamed 'Upper' Falls

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