Dunloup Creek Falls

May 2009

State: West Virginia

Location: Thurmond

Height: 20

Crest: 30+

Water Source: Dunloup Creek

Waypoint: 37.9381N 81.09773W

Summary: A roadside falls in the New River Gorge. Easy to reach and see, if a bit out of the way.

Dunloup Creek is one of many creeks that tumbles into the New River Gorge. The creek drops over a 20' sandstone ledge about 2 miles from the river. The falls is located right along side Route 25. There is a small turnout by the falls, but otherwise there are no signs, fences or any other development here. The falls are visible from the turnout, but to get a good view you have to walk down the banks. There is a railroad on the other side of the creek. Like many hilly areas, the railroads and highways follow the gorges cut by the creeks through the hills.

It had been raining for several days when I visited Dunloup Creek Falls. Most of the time the falls will have much less water. This is one waterfall that may look a bit more scenic at lower flows.

Nearby Falls

Dunloup Creek Falls is somewhat isolated. It is about 8 miles from US 19 along the narrow and winding Thurmond-McDendree Road. The paved continues another two miles before ending at the river. You may be tempted to continue on this road across the New River to find Dowdy Creek Falls, which is about 12 miles away. Unfortunately this road becomes very rough and not fit for normal cars. If you want to see Dowdy Creek Falls, it may be better to try your luck from the town of Prince. Several other seasonal side falls can be found along the Thurmond-McDendree Road before it gets to rough. One of these is located right by the east end of the bridge over the New River.

If you want to stick to main roads, Fayettville is 16 miles to the north, where you can find Wolf Creek Falls, Marr Creek Falls and others.

Photo Gallery

Side falls near bridge over New River

Side falls near Claremont

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