Duchesnay Falls

May 28, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: North Bay

Height: 100+?

Crest: 10

Water Source: Duchesnay Creek

Waypoint: 46.3358N 79.5107W

Summary: Duchesnay Falls is a scenic, easy to visit cascade. It is well worth the time if you are in the North Bay area.

Duchesnay Falls is located just west of North Bay along Hwy 17 on Duchesnay Creek. Like many of the waterfalls on the Canadian Shield, this is a long cascade consisting of many drops and several twists and turns. The two largest drops are each around 15 feet high. In high water the falls forms two main channels, but when I visited the east channel was dry. You can explore every inch of this waterfall by walking and climbing along the rocks. There are no fences.

To reach the falls from North Bay head west on Hwy 17 for a couple of kilometers. There is a small road side park on the north side of the road. This is located just east of where Hwy 17 and 17B meet. The road side park has a paved parking lot. Well defined trails lead to the falls. There is even a stairway to take you to the top if you do not feel like clambering on the rocks.

Here is a satellite view of the falls, courtesy of Google Maps.

[Lake Huron] Nearby Falls

Duchesnay Falls is somewhat isolated. Wasi Falls is located on the south east corner of Lake Nipissing, but it is private. Onaping Falls is 160 km to the west. The town of Sturgeon Falls is about 40 km to the west, but the waterfall there has been dammed. There are likely other small waterfalls hidden north of Lake Nipissing.

Other Websites

Some pictures of the falls with better lighting can be found at Waterfalls of Ontario.ca".

Photo Gallery

The Dry East Channel

View from the Road

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