Cascade Falls

May, 2004

State: Ohio

Location: Nelson & Kennedy Ledges State Park

Height: 50?

Crest: 5?

Water Source: Crystal Creek

Waypoint: 41.32972N 81.04111W

Summary: A delicate waterfall that slides down the face of one of the Nelson Ledges in Nelson & Kennedy Ledges State Park. I imagine that this stream dries up in the summer, and it never has a lot of water, but the ledges are very interesting and the waterfall is easy to visit. Another, smaller waterfall is a short walk away.

Cascade Falls is in Nelson & Kennedy Ledges State Park. This is a delicate waterfall, but it is quite pretty, and the ledges themselves are very interesting. This is a small park, and you can walk all the trails in a couple of hours. The sandstone formations are quite interesting, especially for those of us from the flat lands.

The park can be reached from Route 282. There is a parking and picnic area on one side of the road, and on the other side are the ledges. There are several trails through the ledges, many which go through narrow crevices in the rocks. Cascade Falls can be found by heading to the right. The 10' Minnehaha Falls is on the far end of the park.

The park is right next to the watershed divide between the Ohio River and Lake Erie. I am not sure where Crystal Creek ends up.

[Cleveland Area] Nearby Falls

Paine Falls is 30 miles to the north. Chagrin Falls is about 25 miles to the west.

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Minnehaha Falls


Trails through the Ledges

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