Bridal Veil Falls

July 15, 2003

State: South Dakota

Location: Spearfish Canyon, on Hwy 14, in Lawrence County

Height: 50?


Water Source:

Waypoint: 44.41694N 103.88056W

Summary: This waterfall may be more impressive in the spring. It is a roadside fall, so it does not take much time to visit. The surrounding Black Hills area is very impressive.

Bridal Veil Falls is in the Spearfish Canyon, along Hwy 14, which is designated as a scenic byway. The waterfall itself is not all that pretty, but some of the other scenery is really nice.

Nearby Falls

Roughlock falls is a few miles to the north. There are signs telling you how to get there. Unfortunately, they have closed off all the good viewing areas in order to let the vegetation regrow. So unless you are willing to ignore some fences and signs, you will not be able to really see Roughlock Falls.

Photo Gallery

July 15, 2003

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