Upper Ball's Falls

June 15, 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: Jordan

Height: 30

Crest: 60? (varies greatly with flow)

Water Source: Twenty Mile Creek

Waypoint: 43.12879N 79.38436W

Summary: If you are visiting Ball's Falls, and the water is high at the lower falls, there is no reason not to take the easy 20 minute hike up to see the upper falls.

Upper Ball's Falls is in the Ball's Falls Conservation Area, near the Village of Jordan Ontario. It is one of the many waterfalls found on the Niagara Escarpment. You definitely want to check on the water levels before going out to see this waterfall. See Ball's Falls for general information about the area.

It is an easy 20 minute walk through woods from the lower falls to the upper falls. The viewing area for the upper falls does not give you very good views of the falls. You can get down into the gorge at the base of the falls without too much trouble.

This waterfall is interesting because some of the water is going through the escarpment, rather than over it. I imagine a big landslide is in the future for this part of the escarpment.

[Hamilton Area] Nearby Falls

The Lower Falls is just a short hike away.

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