Ajibikoka Falls

June 2015

State: Michigan

Location: Ottawa National Forest, north of Watersmeet.

Height: 35

Crest: 5'

Water Source: Sucker Creek

Waypoint: 46.329862N 89.237695W

Summary: A small wild waterfall. If you have a hand held GPS are are good with a compass, this is a fun adventure.

Ajibikoka Falls is a wild waterfall located in Ottawa National Forest. This is a multi step cascade that drops at least 35 feet in a 40 foot stretch. There is no trail to this falls. An old forest road will get you close to the falls, but for the last hundred yards or so you are on your own.

The falls is the outlet of Brush Lake. From the top of the falls you can look at the lake. The land around and below the falls is swampy. There is a large pool below the falls which will prevent you from getting a good look at the base of the falls. To get a good look you will have to cross the falls.

To reach the falls, head north on US 45 from Watersmeet for 3 miles. Turn left on to Sucker Lake Road. This is a wide, unpaved but well maintained forest road. Follow this for 3.6 miles, looking for forest road 5120 on your fight. This road is gated and very overgrown. There is a plastic sign sticking out of the ground identifying it. Park here and hike down the old road. After a half mile, the road just fades away in a swampy patch. From here head north east a few hundred yards to the falls. A hand held GPS is a huge help.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

There are a number of waterfalls in this part of Michigan. The big scenic falls Bond Falls and Agate Falls are 15 miles and 30 miles to the north. The small Mex-i-min-e Falls is 30 mile drive to the east. Kakabika Falls is 12 miles to the west on Sucker Lake Road, or a 22 mile drive if you prefer paved roads.

Photo Gallery

Side view

Lower drop

Upper drop

Brush Lake

Forest Road 5120

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